Behaviour & Ownership

“Behavioural improvement is more likely to be achieved through clearer identification of best practice and more effective but, in most areas, non-statutory routes to implementation so that boards and their major owners feel “ownership” of good corporate governance.”

Sir David Walker

Responsible & Sustainable

“Too much short-term thinking has had disastrous consequences …

Above all, we need company boards to be more effective and shareholders to fully assume their responsibilities”

Michel Barnier, EU Internal Market Commissioner

Power of Goals

Challenge your organisation to reach to new heights, manage the risks of reaching for goals, and enlist the required skills while managing the costs”

Professor Dean Fathers, Chairman of EIGA

Transparency & Accountability

“Good Governance is about improving efficiency, transparency and accountability – three essential elements for building high performing economies and fair societies”

Angel Gurria, Secretary-General of the OECD.

Integrity & Performance

“We believe that the highest standards of corporate governance are essential to our business integrity and performance.”

Royal Dutch Shell, Holland


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EIGA®   is a membership organisation with a vision to see European organisations better governed.


EIGA® members from European organisations will be able to use the European Governance Model™  to self-assess their own governance arrangements, produce a benchmark score, and understand their strengths and gaps against the Model – thereby enabling them to create their own in-house governance development plans.


EIGA® also recognises effective good governance through the provision of a series of Regional, National and European Awards for which any organisation, in any sector, in any European of EEA country may compete.




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