To be an “Institute”

Sustainable and Successful

EIGA  aims to be an Insitute to enable it to provide for its members  


-    Produce evidence to show;

      i)          There is a need for such an Institute in this field not already covered by existing bodies across Europe

      ii)         Qualification for membership will be regulated and it will operate a hierarchy of membership levels

      iii)         It has the support of representative bodies across the breadth of its European jurisdictions 

      iv)        Where appropriate, government departments are also supportive 

-    Attract membership of organisations across all of the three sectors and represented by all European jurisdictions

-    Establish an assessment process that is credible and recognised by as reputable, recommended and desired

-    Give recognition to organisations with good governance capability at the highest possible level.

-    Demonstrate best practice

-    Gain the full commitment of its members to be active participants in -

i)              Contribution to relevant Consultation Papers

ii)             The development of policy

iii)            The development of a supportive education programme

iv)           Research

v)            The recognition process

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