European Governance Model™

The European Governance Model™

A governance framework based on five key governance criteria which underpins the premise that an effective Governing Body drive

“Effective and Sustainable Organisational Performance”

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 The European Governance Model™

The mechanism and framework  through which the self assessment and external assessment is performed.

The Model shows the 5 interlinking Governance Criteria.

The5 Criteria are broken down into 15 Sub-Criteria form the structure of the Model, structured to contain practical and theoretical components. The arrows represent the Model’s dynamic nature.  Organisational intelligence enables the Governing Body to make decisions about the direction and control of the organisation in line with its key purpose.

Self Assessment

All members are encouraged to go through the Self Assessment program.  Licenced trainers then train other individuals within the organisation utilising the same tools.   Self Assessment enables organisations to consider their existing governance arrangements, compentencies and maturity against The Model highlighting key strengths and recommendations for further improvement.

Self Assessment requires the provision of evidence at all 15 levels which is rated which may later be reviewed by external assessors.

Model versus a Standard, the key difference

•    Standards require compliance to a set of pre-determined and agreed criteria (ticking boxes)

•    A Model is a generic framework that can be widely applied to any organisation to help them identify key strengths and gaps against criteria (using intelligence)   It is therefore a journey of continual development rather than compliance.

 What is a Governing Body?

The Governing Body is the Board, Council, or similarly named, group of Directors, members or councillors who direct and control the organisation’s affairs in line with its core existence.

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