Training is a primary and unique service we offer to support your organisation’s corporate governance development.

The aim of these courses is to train your staff to assess your organisation’s own governance.

Each organisation needs to determine what governance processes are appropriate given your organisations size, industry and type.  We train your staff to understand how to determine what is appropriate within your regulator or country requirements.


EIGA Governance Model Courses are as follows:

Licensed Internal Assessor                                      Three Day Course

External Assessor                                                       Two Day Course

Licensed Independent Assessor                            Three Day Course


Training is held where there is member demand.  We give you the opportunity to register and interest in having a training course close to you and we endeavour to achieve this within 3 months of your stated interest.

If you would like to join any of the above training events please advise us by email, and we shall complete the registration for you.

We ensure that all our Assessors are trained to a given standard and are equipped with the right tools to ensure valid standardisation of approach from one assessor to another.

Please register your interest so that we can progress setting dates in your area – email us on


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