EIGA’s members will achieve increasing governance maturity over time, resulting in improved:

  • Sustainability - EIGA members benchmark their governance practices against other European organisations within a recognised European Governance Model™, thereby learning how to increase their probability of achieving sustainable success, in whichever way success is measured.

  • Security – EIGA members have assurance that their “value” is more likely to be protected through effective control and compliance systems as benchmarked against Europe’s best organisations, thereby providing assurance to their stakeholders that good governance practices are in place.

  • Recognition – EIGA members have the opportunity to raise their organisation’s profile and gain recognition through competing for the Awards and Prizes at Regional, National and European levels.

  • Intelligent learning – EIGA members gain intelligence about the critical links between their governing body’s capability and effectiveness, their governance systems and the impact that these have on the sustainable success and prosperity of their organisation. They learn about good governance and how to maximise the use of their scarce and valuable resources, human, financial and other.

  • Esteem / prestige – EIGA members operate alongside the best in Europe and will be seen by others globally to operate at the highest levels of good governance practice. Stakeholders will gain assurance that they are working with a prestigious, well governed organisation that is able to prove its credentials.

Boards need to reach for excellence

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