“If the business community does not come together to define its social and environmental responsibility and then act on that definition, I fear we will not achieve a  better society.”

Courtney Pratt (President: Noranda Inc.)


EIGA is a ‘membership organisation’ and its key philosophy is that it exists for its members and that members will help to set the future direction of EIGA through active participation in EIGA’s committees.

Supporting this is a strong adherence to the fundamental principles of the European Governance Model™ which we have developed and use as the basis for the generation of our educational activities.

Who can be a member?


Membership is available for both individuals and organisations.

 Membership fees

Benefits of being a member


Access our Membership Application Form for download, printing and completion.

Once completed, scan and email to

If you wish to consider membership to EIGA of your organisation, please review related pages in this section and contact us on

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