Core Principles & Vision

EIGA is a ‘Membership’ organisation with a core purpose to become the leading, European, authoritative body which influences the future of governance through the qualification, recognition and improvement of its member organisations and provide individuals from members a pathway to become chartered, set up policy bodies and as soon as possible for EIGA to become recognised as an Institute in the UK.


EIGA’s vision is 

“To see European organisations better governed”


We intend achieve this, by stimulating organisations to improve governance by working with our partners, members and employees, and promoting good governance.

Core principles of of great governance are Accountability, Transparency and Probity which underpin the  governance of EIGA’s own Governing Body.

values based organisation - we understand the significance of our values in the way we provide leadership to EIGA and its members.  EIGA commits to:

  • Empathise with the needs of our members
  • Be honest & transparent in all its actions
  • Show enterprise
  • Give respect
  • Recognise others
  • Work together
  • Achieve more


EIGA’s mission is

“Engage members through their worthwhile & satisfying experience in governing sustainably successful organisations”

Professor Dean Fathers – passionate about Governance and how EIGA can make a difference, shares his passion at the launch of EIGA on 12th September 2012.

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