10 Steps to a European Award

 10 Steps to the annual prestigious EIGA® European Award

Organisations are encouraged to flow through the 10 steps of the Awards process.



European Awards Committee

The External Assessment team will comprise a number of licensed individuals trained by EIGA, who wish to receive further development in good governance practice.

Special care will be taken to ensure these individuals will have no conflict of interest as an external assessor.

External Assessors will be expected to follow a strict code of conduct, conform to our code of ethics and follow the framework to ensure comparative standards are maintained.

Contact us on awards@eiga.eu.com to register for an approval for an external assessment.

Not yet ready and need your training and self-assessment steps, please contact us on education@eiga.eu.com

Not a member, need to do this first by completing the Membership ApplicationForm and emailing it to us on membership@eiga.eu.com

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